Series of Infographics created to tell the story of the future, outlook and health of today’s Millennials in Hamilton. The scope of this project was to visually illustrate the findings of the study, while trying to make the images positive to reflect the change that is so needed.

The Generation Effect Report Cover ImageThe Generation Effect tells the story of a generation whose hopes and dreams are shaped by an economy that no longer provides the job and income security that their parents and grandparents experienced. It is a story of the game of life getting harder, not easier.

The Hamilton Millennial Study began as a Major Research Project (MRP) thesis by Jeffrey Martin, as part of his Master of Arts in Work and Society at McMaster University’s School of Labour Studies. Several people and organizations contributed to this project: Dale Brown, Grace Diffey, Alyssa Lai, Ginet Segui Lines, Kerry Lubrick, Nick Marquis, Sharon Molnar, Michael Parente and Andy Zimmerman, as well as Hamilton HIVE, Hamilton Community Foundation, McMaster Alumni, McMaster Research Ethics Board, Mohawk College Alumni and Redeemer University Alumni, Pier 8 Group, and the City of Hamilton made important contributions. Special thanks to the Hamilton arts and culture institutions that provided incentives for our post-survey draw: CORE Entertainment, Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Other Bird Restaurant Group.

This report was made possible with funds from McMaster University and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council/Community University Research Alliances project on Poverty and Employment Precarity in Southern Ontario (PEPSO) and the LIUNA Enrico Henry Mancinelli Professorship in Global Labour Issues.

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